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Reasons to Love Rather Than Hate Star Trek XI

With all of the criticism this movie received from some Star Trek fans. I’ve written this to point out why it’s a great viewing experience. Not just as a movie but as part of the Star Trek legacy.

Firstly and  most importantly

The movie was supported by both Majel Barrett and Leonard Nimoy. They wouldn’t have participated unless they liked it. Nimoy turned down a role in Generations for example. Both of them were with Star Trek from its original pilot and were the best qualified to judge.

Affectionate use of old Star Trek clichés

You have to smile at the familiar lines and the use of a red shirt.

Abandonment of tired Star Trek clichés

  1. The Enterprise is not the only ship in range. 7 ships go to meet the Narada and there is an explanation for why there are not more.
  2. Lack of technobable, technology is there to facilitate the plot not to solve it.
  3. Overuse of the transporter. For once the transporter isn’t an easy solution and has a sense of danger attached to it. When was the last time it was used in as exciting a way as it was over Vulcan?
Engaging characters

The interaction between Kirk, Spock and McCoy feel true to the how I remembered them. They are all interesting to watch and faithful to the original crew. For the first time since Star Trek IV each character also go their moment to shine.  Even Chekov and Uhura, who were regularly just named back ground characters with a few lines.

Great music

The sound track is stirring and the main theme strikes just the right balance of being new yet keeping the Star Trek feel.

Great action

Not many space scenes have been so fun to watch. With battles that are fast yet also make sense. Being the first movie since the motion picture to have a decent budget they definitely used the money well.

Good acting

After some of the shocking performences we have seen in Star Trek over the years they managed to do a good job when casting this movie.


A fantastic scene which shows the makers trying something different with Trek.

New Enterprise

The Enterprise has changed but it’s no more drastic than the change that happened when the ship was brought to the big screen. The Enterprise in Star Trek: The motion picture may as well have been a new ship. The creators of Star Trek XI did a good job with the latest design managing to stay true to the original style. They also introduced the glass windscreen which makes a lot of sense considering the location of a star fleet bridge. Now watching the other Trek shows I often think this. It would have helped in a lot of stories.

The uniforms

Did anyone honestly think they could pull off the original costumes in a way that didn’t look cheap and unbelievable on the big screen?

Genuinely funny

Definitely an area the TNG outings fell flat in this movie has some great lines.

Characters listen to music which isn't Classical or Jazz

The bar scene was very refreshing as we see that a positive view of the future doesn't have to ban club music.

Proper use of time travel

With all the complaints made about the plot people forget one important thing. The time travel wasn’t under anyone’s control it happened by accident! This avoided many of the pit falls that plagued Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Enterprise. It wasn’t used as a magic trick which could allow characters to do what they liked and try again if they failed. It ine of the main reasons people hate the movie but its use is far more effective than in many Star Trek stories.

The shot of the Enterprise rising above Titan

One of the best ship shots in any of the Star Treks.
The best compliment I can give this movie is that it took me back to my childhood. It felt like I was watching classic Star Trek again. A feeling I haven’t had since Trials and Tribulations. The director JJ Abrams and the writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are clearly fond of Star Trek being loyal to what its about. They have also rediscovered the raw excitement and cowboy style that has been lost over the years. It will hopefully have saved Trek the way Wrath of Khan had.

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I enjoyed the the movie and I'm a fan of the original Trek. It's good to see a fan whose not bashing it.

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