Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Written age 16

Starts as nothing
Comes from something
Every twist and curl
Every flea and pearl
Total destruction is never complete
It always leaves pieces
Large and petite
Though counter productive
Who made the produce?

24 hours
From 1 to 12 then back to 1
How and where had it all begun
Did 10 come from 9?
The 12 from 11?
But what about 1 did it come from the 12?
Or had it always there?
 But what started its ticking?

Confusion, chaos, turboilgus mess
Into order as such
Working alongside one another
For mutual existence
Is it a possibility?

Everything new whilst also old
Creation occurring in every moment
Whilst parts of all are antiquated
How can this be segregated
As this was then
But not quite thus
How can one say it isn’t much?

Copyright © Nathan Groves
This Work Is Not To Be Reproduced With Out Permission.

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