Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What if The Writers of Firefly And Star Trek Voyager Had Swapped Shows?

If the writers of Star Trek Voyager made Firefly

Doctor Tam would have cured River in one episode.

&cb=107879dd51Inara would wear a cat suit.

River Tam would be over her traumatic experience in one week.

Zoe would wear a cat suit and high heels. Yet she would still manage to fight in them.

Kaylee would create a mechanical device to solve every problem the crew faced.

Kaylee wouldn’t get dirty from engineering work.

Kaylee would have to have been slimmer than she is. In space only men are allowed a round figure.

Firefly would have lasted seven series albeit with bad writing.

Buffy characters would guest star.

Reavers would become less  and less threatning  with each meeting.

Serenity would be able to out fight any ship, no matter its size.

The crew wouldn’t have to worry about money. Star Trek has it easy.

Any damage to Serenity would be fixed within a commercial break.

There would be space anomalies every other week which only seem to target the Serenity crew.

Serenity could fight off any other ship regardless of its size.

Every planet visited would have a different species but with familiar looking bumpy fore heads.

If the writers of Firefly made Star Trek Voyager


The characters would really feel like a close group who cared for eachother.
Neelix would be made into a tolerable and mysterious charachter.

Chakotay would be Captain.

Chakotay would use cunning and guile to get them through the delta quadrant.

The jokes would actually make people laugh.

If they decided to keep Captain Janeway she would make choices which justified her position of Captain.

All of the cast would get a chance to act.

Mal would have fought for the alliance.

Janeway would shoot when necessary and not risk lives with delay.

7 of 9 would dress normally.

Harry Kim would have died on his frst mission.

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