Friday, 8 July 2011

Leaving University: What Will The Future Hold?

Looking to the future, remembering the past and trying not to bump into what’s around you

So the course is over and it is into a competitive world. Maybe it's tempting to flatten the competition around us. What will we have to do to make it? Especially when you’ve spent three years like me doing Media Writing, a course few people understand and may not want to. Will the friendly student attitude have to change or does education help us act, well educated? Did higher education give a good enough platform to start from? I believe there’s a lot more to it than that.
University can become a world apart. We come to a new place go to a few lectures maybe even learn something. I have learned a lot, not that I was the top of my class but there's lot of things you don’t get marked for. ‘Who I am’ has been a good unit followed by a few seminars on other people’s opinions and arguments about who I am. Then a few drop in tutorials of encouragement. Now figuring out what to do next brings to bear all of life’s experience.
 I knew what I wanted to do from the start but this has changed. It’s to be expected on such a varied course, a few of my views have changed. Others have been challenged and questioned but stayed the same. It has been a broad range of people I’ve encountered and learned from.
I’ll certainly miss the lively class room discussions on major topics of life the universe and everything. I would often be on one side of a debate whilst everyone else was on the other side, but it was all part of the fun. There is no point in buying into a conformist society, accepting any message the companies wish to chuck at us. It’s possible to be different and important to be yourself.

Although who you are is something that takes time to discover, a lifetime even. It will take some effort as well, a lot of self discovery and study has influenced this. After all considering the future I’ve had to look at who I am and what I can do, as I’m sure many do.
When I consider the future my faith is important as it has always been. Some see my faith as strange and different, others don’t. University has opened people up to hear what others believe in. It is an important part of understanding someone and of being able to communicate honestly to one another. I amm a Christian and have had a chance to talk with people from various religions as well as atheists. Everyone wonders what the future will hold, viewing it from different angles.
I have faith that there’s a security in the future beyond what I could gain myself. How important is it to believe this? If such belief is true then it is very significant and should be central to a person. The thing about the future is it’s uncertain, no matter how many intelligent guesses are made of it. However I see my faith as important as it gives a set answer to what life the universe and everything is about. Can there really be more than one answer to this for one universe? That would really confuse things, possibly cancel any relevance. I have been part of a church and the Christian Union and both have helped my journey. Which still has a way to go. Understanding who you are, where you’ve been and the reality of what is around you will enable a directed and positive move into what lies ahead.

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