Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Coping With Stress

Some help with handling the stressful times in life.

How chaotic the world can be, with surprises and disruptions to plans. Handling these ups and downs in life can have a lasting effect on our well being. Stress can exaggerate ailments and make our body more susceptible to falling ill. It can also affect our mood, causing anxiety and worsen depression. See my piece on depression at
If you regularly get stressed you can try developing some habits which will calm your the mind and help to organise your day in a positive way.

Wake up to music

Having a radio or CD alarm creates a gentler way to wake up than a beeping noise. Also make sure you get plenty of sleep to start with.

Plan your music on the commute to work

Whether on an Ipod or on the car stereo having a good selection of tunes can help you to get in the right mood for the day. Although the radio can be helpful for this its also unpredictable and can have music or talking which can be grating rather than relaxing.

Memorise some encouraging words each week

Writing down some encouraging or inspiring words on a small piece of card means that they are available to read throughout the day. These can be from people living or historical,a passage from a book, or quoting a favourite song or film.

Prioritize your day

If there are some important things you want to get done in a day make a list and don't procrastinate. Putting off tasks can be more stressful in the long run and means they may be on your mind when your taking time to relax. Ensure you do not over fill your schedule.

Just say NO!

We often feel a need to please everyone but don't have a duty to do so. Over commitment leads to stress and rushing. You can apply this to the work place as well as personal life. Bosses tend to give you more and more work without thinking. Point out to them if it's too much to do reminding them that you need time to do a job properly.

Contact at least one or two friends a day

t doesn't have to be a long conversation. Contacting people you care about on line, by phone or in person, is positive experience. It helps to feel part of community with those around you as well as keeping in touch with friends far away. We naturally have a need for relationship, it is good to be in contact with people close to you as well as colleagues.

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