Friday, 8 July 2011

Great Christian Books to Read And Recommend to Non-Christian Friends

I decided to compile a list of some good Christian books, which are also good starters for anyone wanting to learn more about Christianity. I believe all of these have a good Biblical grounding and are accessible to all people academic or not

God on Mute

By Pete Greig
“Tenderly honest”.  “Compassionately honest”. Two phrases described to this book.
Recommended to me during a difficult time in my life I found this a very encouraging and realistic read. Pete Greig is very open about the struggles him and his wife faced as she fell seriously  ill. Pete Greig’s honesty is refreshing in a book that asks questions about human suffering.
It also looks  at our attitudes towards suffering and how difficult it can be for Christians to face it. The book also delves into the reactions of others and how people ever hurt or encouraged his family during a difficult and confusing time. At the end of the book there are some helpful study notes included for small groups .
Hilarious in some moments and sad in others, for anyone going through hardships or feeling that God isn’t talking to them this is a great help.

Taming the Tiger

By Tony Anthony & Angela Little
An exhilarating tile this has been amongst the most exciting books I’ve ever read, even more so because it’s a true story. Tony Anthony’s story  is the testimony of God’s saving Grace in his life. It is also an exciting sometimes tense tale as it details how he was a Kung Fu champion and high level personnel body guard.
A wonderfully open story of God can transform someones life. This is a good title to recommend to anyone feeling like God couldn’t possibly love them because of what they’ve done.

What’s so Amazing about Grace

By Phillip Yancey
Philip Yancey has a beautiful style of writing and gives a great account of God’s grace. How distanced are we from God? How much does God love us?  How much has he done for us?  Are some of the questions he looks at. This helped me to discover more of how awesome God is and how much he cares for me.

Heavenly Man

By Brother Yun
This is an incredible story of a man passionate for God under extreme persecution. Brother Yun tells of his humble origins and how God lead him and protected him to become one of the head church leaders in Communist China.
Filled with stories of God’s miracles and love the book also has a very challenging side. Brother Yun also faced torture and abuse, yet kept praising God and drawing closer to him.
This is a great read for those wanting to devote to God’s calling or struggling in a difficult environments . It shows God’s power and loyalty to us in whatever situations we face.

The Bible

Great throughout! Even the strange parts of the old testament ,if you take your time and ask for revelation about it. For anyone reading it for the first time start with one of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. You don’t have to start at the beginning and they are the centre of what the whole Bible story is about.

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