Friday, 2 December 2011

One Year Snowboard Movie Review

One Year is a snowboard movie that stands out from the crowd. Not only does it feature some amazing footage and tricks. It also features some great insight into the lives of the riders.
This snowboarding movie joins many of the other globe trotters visiting Argentina, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, California and Colorado. The scenes are captivating in their beauty and the shots are creative. If you enjoy a movie with a lot of back country footage, One Year delivers. With Dave Downing and Janna Weatherby doing some incredible lines. It also satisfies on the park front with Matt Hammer laying down some gnarly tricks. In the half pipe we see Olympic medallist Kelly Clark proving why she is one of the best female snowboarders in the world today.
 Everyone in the movie pushes their riding to the limit whilst also letting their fun sides and their enjoyment of the sport shine through. There is a fantastic section of two different Generations riding together featuring Andy Finch riding with Brock Crouch. We also get other great pairings of riders where we get to enjoy their different styles of riding, side by side.
The movie is also very honest in showing the thoughts and feelings of the riders who are very open in sharing their life stories. They are Christians with a passion for God as well as snowboarding. It is fascinating and emotional to see how God has helped and affected them in their lives.
One year has a great balance of insightfulness, snowboard action and fun. After a world tour and dvd sales the Nation Foundation movie company have decided to put the movie online for free. So that everyone can enjoy and gain something from it.
Here’s a link.