Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I Want to Give It All Up to You

I want to give it all up to you
Let it go
All that I know is not of you

All of the fears
All of the pains
The sorrows
The burdens
Cast away
Let this be a new day

I give them all up to you
Hurt feelings
I give them all up to you
I give them up to you
Where I’ve feared a lone man
When you have quelled armies, kings
Those who despise me
Don’t really know me
You have restored me
Breathed life into me
Set me where I belong
Where all your creation belongs

I want to give it all up to you
All my dreams, hopes and ideas
The only good ideas are those in line with you
To do me good not harm
The only hope to look to is you
All the material goods, just waste
Taking us into the red
Bring us charges and harsh words

Let us dream
Outside the box
Out of the world
Out of the day to day
I want to give my future up to you

Copyright © Nathan Groves
This Work Is Not To Be Reproduced With Out Permission.

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