Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I Am the Greatest - Performance Poem

Tongue in cheek poem designed for performance

I am the greatest
I am the man
I have spectators stood in the stands
Waving their banners
Raising a cheer
If just but a whisper of my name enters their ear

I am a champion
At all of my sports
Many a contestant has had to abort
A challenge they’ve made on my legacy
Ha ha he he
They can’t get the better of the one that is me

I'm a success
And always impress
Any challenger I will soon turn into a mess
I shall send shivers along each of their bones
As I crush them at paper scissor and stone

I’m the best
No one else can contest
Its so easy I often simply just jest
Try to face me and you will soon come to know
That I am the Sherlock of cluedo

Elementary it is
The wonder that's I
yet brave fools are still trying to strive
with pure arrogance that makes them so blind
To the truth that I'm best at making 4 in a line

I know some people think it's just 4 in a row
But on their inadequacy I will soon strike a blow
For if there is anything that will make my face glow
It's wiping the floor on hungry hippos

For I have the talent
I have the skill
I get the points
Whilst others get nil
attack my status and I will show you
That I am the conqueror of guess who

And I certainly would never ever cheat
If anyone else tried to
They still would get beat
And as I expose their scum filled treachery
I will feel an extra dose of glee

So there it is
A bit of a life
living and winning to keep things all right
There's much more to fill to accomplish the best
Far more searching to do to fill in the rest.

Copyright © Nathan Groves
This Work Is Not To Be Reproduced With Out Permission.

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