Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How to Stay Healthy Whilst Watching TV

 Just for fun  exercise tips 

Whilst watching House

Do a quick punch - kick combo every time Hugh Laurie makes a funny remark (be careful give yourself enough space).

Whilst watching Sports

For every one you watch do an hours exercise of the same sport per week where feasible. If not do an hour of a simpler sport. Pool, snooker and darts not included.
Whilst watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares
Cut one unhealthy item of food from your shopping list, for every disgusting piece of food you see on the program.

Whilst watching Babylon 5

Do 5 star jumps every time someone says ‘MR GARIBALDI’

Whilst watching Star Trek

Do sit ups whenever Captain Kirk is talking. You’ll do a lot if you don’t pause when he does.
An extra sit up for each time Spock raises an eyebrow.

Whilst watching Star Trek The Next Generation

Carry out lunges whenever Riker is on screen looking smug.

Whilst watching X files

Hop around in circles 5 times every time Mulder figures out a bizarre event by linking it to a random case from the 1800’s or using facts only an expert in that specific field would know. Hero Mulder and his supernatural level of knowledge.

Whilst watching the News

Watch the intro then go for a jog. 10 minutes for every non news worthy piece mentioned. Example: ”Statistics show that crime is increasing during these difficult economic times” Yeah thanks I never would have thought that.

Whilst watching Adverts
Lift weights 3 times with your legs for every advert advertising a male product but has scantily clad women in it.

If you decide to tune into the radio

Drop down and do 5 press ups for every time they ask you to text in a response to some pointless question.

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