Friday, 8 July 2011

More Incredible Than Fiction: Movies Based On True Stories

If you are looking for an inspiring movie, those that come from true stories are the best. They are often more unbelievable than fiction.


Apollo 13


The mission to give the world its 3rd moon landing was seen as routine. Until these words were heard from across space “Houston we have a problem” one of greatest understatements in history. An explosion cripples the ship. Leaving astronauts  Jim Lovell, Jack Swaggert and Fred Hayes stranded thousands of miles from earth in an almost powerless spacecraft.
Director Ron Howard does a fantastic job in telling the story, seamlessly weaving the complex details of space flight with simple explanations for any viewer to understand. A nice touch on the DVD is a commentary by Jim Lovell and his wife, describing how accurately the events are portrayed.
The film is visually stunning, maintaining excitement and drama throughout. This is a great testament to human determination and ingenuity in the face of impossible odds. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

Will Smith manages to expand past his comic roles in portraying Chris Gardner. A man struggling to escape poverty. The film can be heavy handed at times and focuses too much on the idea of wealth being the source of happiness. However this is rescued by Will Smith's relationship with his on and off screen son. It is a remarkable story which although hailed as the American dream, really shows us how great and difficult the poverty trap is.

Mercy Mission Flight 747

Scott Bakula stars in a drama of the skies. Starring as a lone pilot lost miles away over the ocean Bakula delivers on the emotions of the movie. As a regular passenger jet goes in search of him we see some clever techniques and sheer determination to find the pilot before his fuel runs out. Although the visuals aren't always stunning the film delivers in its acting and script.

Band of Brothers

Although this is a series each episode has the production quality of a feature film. Managing to tell personal stories whilst covering a large number of people it shows loyalty amongst the horrors of war. The series has been produced to be as real to the events as possible and it describes the fighting from  variety of perspectives. Also as a nice touch they have interviews with the veterans in each episode.

Amazing Grace

Portraying the actions of William Wilberforce the film show the long struggle to abolish the slave trade in Britain. Particularly poignant with the current issues of fair trading today and the treatment of work forces.
The movie shows how a few people can change history, with morality overcoming  greed. It is complex story but keeps viewers interest throughout and shows the origins of the great song Amazing Grace.

A Night to Remember

The film may look dated now but this is soon forgotten as you get engrossed in the story. Far more emotional and interesting than the overly sappy James Cameron version, 2nd officer Lightholler takes the centre stage. Detailing as accurately as possible, as far as they knew at the time, the events of the night the film is hard hitting in the lesson this monumental event in history taught us.

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