Wednesday, 6 July 2011

There's More to Me Than Hair: A Performance Poem

There's more to me than hair
Yet when people stop and stare
I hear Great Scott
My names not Scott
Am I just some caricature?
What are you looking at?
Looking at me?
Seeing some kind of crazy tree?
A wild mop escaping domestic slavery?
Good to be free, good to be free
But can you be free and always watched?
Or am I looking into this too much?
Hey look at him Side Show Bob
Yes you  I can see you I can hear
This hair's not thick around my ears
But thank you Sideshow Bob is intelligent and funny…. And homicidal
Look, look, look my name’s  not Bob
Bobs not my name
Bobs not my name
Bobs not my
No, no, no I’m not going to fit into some musical conformity
Just because I look black doesn’t mean I like hip hop R&B or rap
To me it all sounds like a load of… talented music made to suit a variety of different peoples taste
But it’s not for me
I can and will like Classical music and Rock
I think my hair is doing society good
My contribution to all people
Seeing a smile where before there’s a frown
Imaginations getting fired up
Instead of silence I get watsup
I can speak plainly or posh if I like
Yet yo yo yo, big it up de brudder…
As people stare at me
And I stare at them
Until they realise that I’m staring at them, staring at me
I wonder what they’re thinking?
Do they think that I’m tough?
Or camp with my wave?
Do they think me a fool?
Or expect me to dance real cool?
I can be silly and deep
Eccentric and orderly
I’m going to be what I am created me to be
I’m going to be me!

Copyright © Nathan Groves
This Work Is Not To Be Reproduced With Out Permission.

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