Wednesday, 6 July 2011

To be Free

Oh to be free to be free to be free
Free to think, free to see, free to be
To escape or embrace
Which ever I need
Walking, running or standing firm on my feet
Can feel like dancing, prancing
or maybe just moping
so close can these two extremes be
a mind stuck in an atmosphere, in a place, in a head
Expanding, exploding to reach out instead
Not caged in rage or hate
Nor having these whitewashed
In some apathetic fling
I'm not going to get stuck
Focused on what was here yesterday but not today
But on what will be here tomorrow
What is here now
To live to live to live
To give and receive
To read and perceive
Not just to react
Not just be but be me
and be free

Copyright © Nathan Groves
This Work Is Not To Be Reproduced With Out Permission.

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