Friday, 8 July 2011

The thought of why?

Written  9.6.01 3rd verse added 9.7.01

The days go drifting by
Untill the day
The day we die
Then a thought of why
I didn’t try
To live life to the full

A splash of champagne
Relieves some pain
A nice holiday in the sun
Brings some fun
Until the sight of poverty
Brings home the sense of novelty
Of having so much next to so little
A stark contrast

Having a fast car
May get you far
But takes you to the same junction
Go up or down?
May make you the clown
If you choose the wrong lane

Lots of greenage
And a platinum card
A nice big house
And a jaguar
May disguise the greatest gift of all
Found in a little book and a church hall

Written 03/03/06

The days go drifting by
Until the day
The day we die
What a dismal start to have back then
Not so on such a cheery day
Should I allow myself to be dismayed
Even when I've just spilt doctor pepper on me

it is far better now I  feel free

The thought why I didn't try to live life to the full
Or maybe why I try and try and try too live life to the full
What need have I to feel worried
On hol in a very windy Turky
Though foreign to everyone else?
What a need for difference

A change of pace so valuable
Is hardly a collectible
Not knowing when it will come around
Is part of how a change can astound

Why am I here and not there?
Why why why should I care?
What is a care?
Big and self sustaining
How can I rely on that when I
I'm changing
A constant I need and yet
That which I must remember to forget
On top of me life I must not let
Or in ridiculousness cast my bets
So that nasty moments in times of fret
Don't  in carelessness become a threat

Meaning in a little book and church hall
Oh back then my thoughts were small
The book is big and larger by the day
The world is huge
yet standing, dancing
Walking, talking
Bathing, laughin, spending, saving
Here, there but not everywhere can I be
All is compatible as “I Am” says he

Copyright © Nathan Groves
This Work Is Not To Be Reproduced With Out Permission.

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