Friday, 24 June 2011

Why Back To The Future Is A Timeless Classic

One of my favourite movies ever. It deserves to be considered a classic.

It would be a surprise to speak to meet someone who has never seen Back to the Future. It is a movie that has so many memorable moments even for those who haven’t watched it for years and has cemented itself in popular culture. It even transcends the usual criticism and stigma attached to science fiction and isn't seen as a movie that is just for geeks. Some of the many reasons the movie can stand as a classic include:

Memorable action

The action isn’t glitzy or in your face screaming "here’s an effect shot." The action serves the story and most importantly is true to the characters. However you feel about violence you can’t help but smile when George Mcfly stands up to the Bully Biff.

Capturing the feelings of growing up

I'm not American but the movie still brings up a nostalgic feeling. Ideas such as changing your life for the better and rediscovering the optimism of youth will never go away.

Memorable quotes "Great Scott!"

Every movie classic is filled with memorable quotes. You can go years without watching Back to the Future and still remember some of its great lines.
''88 miles per hour!'' How many people shouted this line out when they get their first car?
''1.21 gigawatts'' one of movie histories most memorable measurements. '' If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything'' A very uplifting quote. Every line has a purpose and meaning to the story.

Memorable characters and acting

Great performances from the entire cast elevate the movie from being just another Sci-Fi comedy. The actors are so good you can often forget you're watching scifi all together and don’t spend the movie puzzling over how time travel works.
Lea Thompson manages to come across as sweet and innocent despite unknowingly having a crush on her son. She’s believable playing the young hopeful teenager and as the disappointed old mother.
Christopher Lyod is the very definition of the eccentric scientist yet his performance is also enfused with ,a lot of heart.
Michael J Fox despite his actual age at the time does a brilliant job playing the cool teenager we all wanted to be. Playing electric guitar, driving cool cars and skate boarding through school halls. He’s a timeless image of the young adventurer. Getting the chance to see his parents when they were the same age was a very clever idea and reminds us how everyone was young once.
Crispin Glover gives George Mcfly a vulnerability and goofiness that is fun to watch and makes us root for his character. It’s an interesting and unique dynamic seeing Marty giving advice to his young father. Most likely the same advice he would have liked from his father when he was growing up.    
Well written script

The movie was delayed in its production and the writers used the time to hone their script. This paid off with a tight story. Funny, well paced and intelligent it mixes entertainment with many layers of meaning. It references and internal story threads along with its many subtle visual clues makes it a movie that can be enjoyed with multiple viewings.

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RCB said...

I agree, it's the best. Whenever I'm sending my cousin a text message, I call myself Biff. He's Griff. How's that for memorable? And as for quotes, here's what springs to mind also:
"Oh La La? Oh La La?"


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