Friday, 24 June 2011

Reasons To Love Rather Than Hate The X Men Movies

Effort made to make the universe believable

Bryan Singer went to great efforts to bring a sense of realism to a fantastical universe that has been well translated from the comic books.. If strange sci fi concepts put you off they are always well explained and are used to tell a story rather than dominate it.  This was lost slightly with X Men 3 and Wolverine but they still managed to keep the settings mostly recognizable and everyday.

Working as a team

Unlike most super hero movies X Men doesn’t follow one lone character but many varied characters. Team work allows us to see the different personalities, their strengths and their weaknesses. Their interaction also gives us greater insight into who they are and why they fight. Having to depend on others makes the characters more engaging and relatable as humans rather than just super beings.

Unique action

The combination of a team and a large variety of powers makes for some spectacular action. This brings us many unique scenes and situations which can have an unpredictable out come.

Strong female characters

Unlike the classic Lois Lane’s and Mary Jane’s the women in X Men are also strong characters and play key roles in a story rather than just reacting to it. There are few women super heroes but in the X Men series they play an equal part to the men and have some of the best story lines and powers.

Complex heroes and villains

One of X Mens greatest strength is the depth and complexity of its characters. Few of the mutants are black or white but come out as a shade of grey. Being neither purely good nor purely evil. They are given reasons for their action and we can understand what motivates them even if we disagree with them. The friendship/foe dynamic between Professor Xavier and Magneto is fascinating to watch and believable as their opposing views clash.
Other characters like Beast, Rogue, Cyclops, Night Crawler, Mystique give us a sense of the alienation they feel which a lot of the audience can relate to. Everyone can feel different and out of place at some point in their life.

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RCB said...

I think the second one was the best. I was sceptical about the prequel, but it turned out to be a great movie, much to my surprise.

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