Sunday, 25 March 2012

Funny Insults Which Should Make Them Laugh #3

When my friend had her hair cut short she wasn't pleased with the result. She was going away to Australia for a year to study. Where she wanted to concentrate on studies and not date anyone. The conversation went something like this.

My hair looks awful.

It look good. Really.

No it doesn't.

You look beautiful.

I look terrible.

Look. You still look beautiful but you said you didn't want to date in Australia and I think the short hair will attract less guys because you stand out less. So it's a good thing.

She laughed... kind of. And forgave me eventually.

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BettyBoop said...

Sometimes asking for a a truthful opinion, it may hurt just a slight bit....How is she doing in Australia..? I have a cool friend over in Perth , who I met on SU of course....Love the story....CU around

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